Rosh Hashanah, Colorful , Happy and Unique Tablecloth. FREE Matching Challah Cover!

Broderies De France USA

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This Rosh Hashanah Tablecloth is a unique, one-of-a-kind table decoration with its beautiful colors and happy design. The design intends to bring in all the blessings for the new year, featuring Hebrew texts that have all of the Brachot (blessings) from Rosh Hashana Seder Blessings.

This beautiful tablecloth is decorated with traditional holiday symbols for a festive expression. Plus, you also receive a FREE matching challah cover! These are both decorative and ceremonial aspects that present a powerfully symbolic meaning to any gathering. Select from the 4 available sizes and don't miss out on this LIMITED EDITION essential.


●  Available in 4 sizes


●  Easy to clean

●  Brings in blessings for the New Year

●  Hebrew texts with Brachot (blessings )from Rosh Hashana Seder 

●  Decorated with traditional holiday symbols

●  Colorful happy design

●  FREE matching Challah cover!

●  Jewish tablecloth


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